Chinese Doctor Says COVID-19 Made by China

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A Chinese virologist named Dr Li-Meng Yan took part in a British talk show named 'Loose Women'' and made a very shocking announcement.

Dr Li-Meng, specialised in virology and immunology at the Hong Kong School of Public Health.

She said she conducted two researches over a ‘new pneumonia’ in Wuhan, China - first between December and early January and a second research mid-January.

That time she found that the COVID-19 was created in a government-controlled laboratory in Wuhan.

The virus did not naturally occur and was made in the lab.

She discovered that the Chinese government was trying to cover-up the covid outbreak.

Dr Li-Meng said, "I decided to report this development to my supervisor, who is also a WHO consultant. After reporting the incident to my supervisor & WHO, there was no response from the WHO and my supervisor.

Everyone warned me to keep quiet and not to disclose the information.

If I opened my mouth I would be made to disappear."

After this she decided to run away to the USA from Hong Kong.

Dr Li-Meng is working on a scientific report with a small group of top scientists across the world related to the COVID-19 virus and will publish the findings soon.

Dr Li-meng fears for her life but says that it is her duty as a doctor to tell the truth about the origins of the virus.

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