Israeli Jeweler Makes World Most expensive Face Mask

World Most expensive Face Mask
Jeweler says He's Making The world Most expensive face Mask (covid Mask).

I don't dispute that apparently This Things Gonna be Worth 1.5 Million dollars. It's Got Diamonds All over it.

If You Go To wear a Mask apparently you gotta have a certain style to its as well yeah you Gotta show the people.

What's Happening You can't Have Their in 95, let alone just a regular surgical Mask no going on public.

You Gotta Make a Statement and so this is a nerve racking type of experience. here, to place and set each one of these individual Diamonds the individually person that purchased this they requested the most expensive mask in the world  they wanted to make sure that's what this was going to be according to this article the buyer in uh a Chinese businessman living in the us paying the 1.5 million dollars also besides the 18 Karat white gold and all Diamonds it's 3600 white and black Diamonds by the way.

It can be fitted with an n99 filter. So, you can somehow fit a filter into this thing. So, it's actually still doing work as well.

That's going to be a serious look whoever's wearing that how much is the filter is it like a dollar or something just 3m.

You just get a box of 3m and 99s and slide them into you luxury mask and go out on the town and I don't know get a lot  of attention definitely how are you not going to double take that thing look at that you look like a villain in a marvel movie or something with that thing on don't forget this one when you leave the restaurant or something who I mean think about how risky it is. I guess if you have 1.5 million dollars mask you're going around with you probably have a security team or something to no because having 1.5 Millon on your face like you mean that could result in a couple of rough outcomes for you once people follow the story and figure it out.

What you're doing that's 1.5 Millon on the face that the jewelry stuff makes you nervous.

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